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Mamemo Outfitting and Consulting is owned and operated by Brown Delozier. Mamemo is proud to represent a very select group of outfitters from around the world. From dangerous game in the Selous game reserve of Tanzania, Africa, giant grizzly bears in southwest Alaska to hunting the high alps of New Zealand for red stag, chamois and Himalayan Tahr. Our expertise lies in the fact that these outfitters and their huge concessions are personally visited by Brown himself. As a licensed Alaskan Guide, he has personally guided several hunters over the years for North Alaska expeditions after huge moose and caribou. Being a professional hunter and responsible for hundreds of hunters over the past years, whether it be for huge bull elk in Colorado to plains game in Africa, an intimate knowledge and relationship has been built up with each outfitter. Mamemo Outfitting and Consulting is  starting on it's 26th year doing international hunts which started with a black bear hunt in Saskatchewan Canada in 1985 where Kelli and Brown went on their first hunt out of the country together. Escorting hunters to the far reaches of Mongolia for Siberian Ibex to the arid regions of the Kalahari Desert for lion, has allowed Brown Delozier to gain the type of background it takes to put together a successful hunting trip. Everything is taken care of from handling your airline schedule to final taxidermy preparations of your trophies after the hunt. Mamemo Outfitting and Consulting is undergoing some changes and growing after the tough economic times with several new and exciting hunts to offer from the various new outfitters!

Mamemo Outfitting & Consulting - Africa Cape Buffalo

Not only are these outfitters the very best in their field, they are personal friends who he can trust with each of his clients best interest in mind. If an adventure of a lifetime in one of the worlds most exotic places or a world class whitetail hunt in Texas is your goal, rest assured your success and satisfaction is top priority.

I will be doing an elephant hunt for a trophy bull in Botswana in April of this year and will have news about that in a few weeks! Look for story and images soon!

Foundation for North American Wild Sheep
Grand Slam Club - OVIS
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Safari Club International
Alsaka Professional Hunter's Association, Inc.
Texas Wildlige Association