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This nice Dagstan Tur was taken in Azerbeijan last summer and was awarded the Diamond award as the largest Capra species taken in the world last year at the Grand Slam Club/Orvis convention in Las Vegas. Montana Delozier at the age of 10 with her 31' Aoudad ram taken on her family ranch in West Texas.

This is a great10 year old, 180" B&C ram from Sonora Mexico that was taken after 14 days of hunting that very arid region along the Sea of Cortez. This ram puts me 1/2 way to completing my 3rd Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep.

Montana Delozier with her Bison she shot in 2009 with her Bansner 270 at about 80 yards and of course while being filmed!

Craig Schafer and his lion with Serapa Safaris

Colton Schafer and Adolf  Reyneke with Colton's springbuck on his first African safari.

Montana and dad with her gold medal SCI Blue Wildebeest from Serapa Safaris.

Montana and her first of two black bears she took while hunting in Alberta Canada with Chris and Sharon McKinnon at their Calling Lake hunting and fishing lodge. She had to wait to turn 12 years old to be ble to hunt in Canada.

Montana is supported by her sister Meagan, Mom Kelli , Dad Brown and guide Pierre with her Gemsbuck from her first African safari.

The smiles say it all as Montana is pictured here with her family and her nice Blesbuck.

 This lioness was taken by my daughter , Montana, at the age of 14 last summer with a 375 at 60 yards, on film, with Serapa Safaris

Montana is here with her magnificent Kudu Bull shoe took while on safari with Serapa Safaris in South Africa.

This rocky mountain bighorn completed my 2nd grand slam this year , I hunted with Justin Jarrett's Wapiti Ridge Outfitters in Cody Wyoming. I drew my tag after 15 years of putting into the state drawing. The ram scored just over 170" and was 9 1/2 years old. This elephant is from Charisa Safari area in the Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe, shot on the 10th day with my trusty Chapius 470 double rifle.

This is the group of hunters that travelled with me to the Hot Springs Camp in Tajikistan for one of the world's greatest game animals , the Marco Polo ram. Pictured are myself with Craig Schafer, our host from Safari Outfitters, Sergei Kondratov, Mark Jones and Joe Paranee. Our rams ranged from 56" - 60". Joe Paranee and I with Craig Schafer and his great 57" Marco Polo ram.

Brown with a 13' crocodile from one of HHK's wonderful camps along the shores of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe.

Also from the Lake Kariba area of Zimbabwe, this monster 43" Cape buffalo was taken in the Omay hunting concession by Brown.

Brown Delozier and his team with a once in a lifetime giant Marco Polo ram that breaks the magical 60" mark. This ram was awarded the Gold award at the 2010 Grand Slam/Ovis banquet in Las Vegas. A tired group of trackers and game scouts accompany me with this heavy bossed dugga boy from the Omay Communal area in Zimbabwe.

Gary Skovron with his 40" cape buffalo, his first, from Zimbabwe while hunting with HHK Safaris. Gary also took this very nice Kudu bull on the same safari.

Joe Paranee with Sergei and his massive Marco Polo from Tajikastan he took with an amazing 850 yard shot!

Tim McCreary and I with his great Eland Bull from Zimbabwe.

One of the most fun guys to travel with, Tim with his old warthog he took on his safari in Zimbabwe. Gerge Hallamore, myself and Tim McCreary with his fine Kudu bull with HHK Safaris.

Tim's 41" Buffalo, his first as well, taken on the same safari. I'm proud to be in this photo with good friend and client, Randy Slemmer with his first and hopefully not last, Cape Buffalo. It took Randy several years and an extra trip to Africa to finally make his dream come true.

Randy Slemmer with his world class 60" Kudu taken from the Omay Safari area and one of the largest taken in all of Africa that year.

Randy poses hear with a great Sable antelope of which was definitely high on his bucket list and what a great bull to take.

This monster Hippo, with tusks scoring well into the SCI record book,  was taken while hunting the shores of Lake Kariba in northern Zimbabwe with Clive Hallamore and a great team of skinners and trackers from HHK Safaris. This is a very exciting and can be very dangerous hunt. Luckily for us this bull showed up on the last day of our hunt.

Brown with a Rhino he darted on a safari to South Africa he won at a fundraising auction at the GSC show. The money raised for these "green safaris" is used to do Rhino research to help the species growth and secure it's future.

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