Caprinae Safaris

As varied as the big game species of Asiatic highlands are, in horn configuration and size, coloration and distribution, their seekers are just diverse in personal ways, physical conditions and temperament. And it has been our good fortune to assist great many of these folks on their hunts over the years. Some of these guys were super  tough who would give a good run a local guide for his money or would make any army sniper green with envy. Although others may not have been as skilled or gifted, each were unique in their own way. Some hunted for an extra inch while others wanted to soak up the whole experience. Whatever the motives were we have reasons to believe that we have succeeded in carrying out our responsibility and have developed a great mutual respect and everlasting friendship with most of these gentlemen.

As our fourth hunting season as Caprinae Safaris is drawing to a close, we sincerely feel obliged to our clients who put their faith in us and our young outfit. We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude. Together we enjoyed a bountiful season with lots of memorable hunts. We would also like to thank everyone who gave their assistance to us, be it in the field or from miles away; as well as those who supported us in our new quarry, while others were questioning it.


Foundation for North American Wild Sheep
Grand Slam Club - OVIS
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Safari Club International
Alsaka Professional Hunter's Association, Inc.
Texas Wildlige Association