Hunt Australia

For over 23 years Hunt Australia has been the leading big game safari hunting company in the South Pacific region. Australia is a vast country, as large as the continental USA. We are proud to have Hunt Australia as the newest member to Mamemo Outfitting and Consulting superb list of hunting operations.

Australia is quite famous for its picturesque golden beaches, the Sydney Opera House, its vast land mass and the fact that it's the only country in the world to never have had a civil war.

In late 2005, Matt Graham, a professional safari operator with 12 years of experience took over the company operations . Matt brings to the business youthful enthusiasm, a strong drive to keep Hunt Australia at the top of the market - and to continue the good traditions and management that the previous owners established, which are still employed by the company as a consultants.

Hunt Australia operates with the idea of building a business to cater exclusively to international hunters and sportspersons, wishing to experience high quality adventures in the South Pacific. They offer the best buffalo hunting for "big" trophy buffalo in Australia today. These buffalo are much bigger in body size than their African cousins and are notoriously difficult to kill, even with the largest big game caliber rifles. There are no roads into the hunting area for most of the year. There are no people, no fences, no cattle or any commercial enterprises in the area. Only us and the buffalo. There are buffalo dying of old age in this area. The best time to hunt buffalo is usually during the months of June, July and August. These are the coolest, normally dry winter months. Hunters arrive in Gove, northern territory, situated on the coast in the far north of central Australia. Hunt Australia's personal aircraft charters hunters to the buffalo camp, where camp is a mere 30 minute drive by 4-wheel drive.


5 Day Buffalo - Northern Territory 1 x 1 $8,000
5 Day Banteng - Northern Territory 1 x 1 $9,000
8 Day Buff/Bant Combo 1 x 1 $15,900
5 Day Boar Hunt - Northern Territory 1 x 1 $5,500
8 Day Buffalo/Boar Combo - Northern Territory 1 x 1 $9,900

Contact Brown Delozier of Mamemo Outfitting & Consulting for additional hunts and their prices as well as 2 x 1 prices.

Tim Mccreary and his first day bull he took with his 416 at just over 100 yards as I caught the entire hunt on film.

My first of three bulls I shot on the 4th of July with the Chapius 470 nitro express double rifle, all while Tim filmed the stalks and shots.
My bull I shot on the last day right at dark as it charged me at 20 yards

The camp is located in the far Northern Territory of Arnhemalnd among the Aboriginy country and is one of the most remote places on earth. There are no roads once you arrive into camp and all hunting is done by bushwhacking through the thick tress and floodplains. A wonderful hunting and vacation experience if combined with a trip to the Great Barrier Reef outside of Cairns, Australia, which the entire hunting party enjoyed the friendly people and pleasant weather.

Foundation for North American Wild Sheep
Grand Slam Club - OVIS
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Safari Club International
Alsaka Professional Hunter's Association, Inc.
Texas Wildlige Association