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Mamemo Outfitting & Consulting - North Alaska Expeditions - CaribouJustin Johns' North Alaska Expeditions offers the best in fly-in moose, caribou and brown bear hunts. Fishing Bear Lodge is set at the mouth of Alaska's Peace River in the center of the Wood River - Tikchik River Park, North America's largest wilderness state park. This 1.6 million acre park supports many of Alaska's large animal species. The lakes vary in length from 15 to 45 miles, each fed by numerous streams and interconnected by clear flowing Mamemo Outfitting & Consulting - North Alaska Expeditions - Brown Bearworld-class fishing rivers. An average of 1.3 millions sockeye salmon spawn the system annually. I do believe this is the best caribou area in all of Alaska. Having guided for North Alaska Expeditions for several years, I know personally how the growth of the Mulchatna caribou herd has grown to over 200,000 the last 10 years. If a huge brown bear, moose or caribou is what you are after, I highly recommend North Alaska Expeditions for an outstanding experience.

Shown at top right, Cliff Caldwell took the largest bull caribou I have ever guided. The massive caribou scored 457 B&C. The harvest is a testament to the quality of hunts made available at North Alaska Expeditions.

Mamemo Outfitting & Consulting - North Alaska Expeditions - Moose

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