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Mamemo Outfitting & Consulting - Brown Delozier with Dall SheepSaddle Mountain Outfitters has become one of Alberta's premier hunting operations. Neil Beaman specializes in bighorn sheep, elk, moose and black bear. His hunting area is very rugged and remote. The staff at Saddle Mountain Outfitters is meticulous and work very hard to make sure the horses, meals, camp and everything else are in top-notch condition. Neil's hunts are the horseback, mountain experience most hunters dream of. Once you hunt Neil's sheep area, you will want to return again. Good friend Joe Paranee and I took two magnificent bighorn rams with Neil in 2005. I hunted with Neil in 2001 for sheep and couldn't wait to return again. The area has a great population of bighorns. Of course, finding a mature legal ram is the challenge that can take all the effort you can muster. These hunts are physically and mentally challenging. I know this first hand as it took four years and 29 days of hunting to finally get my ram which scored 167 B&C. Your success is truly their success.

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