Sierra Grande Adventures

Area Served  = We conduct big game trophy hunts in Colorado, New Mexico, and old Mexico (Sonora).
What Sets Us Apart  = Our commitment to you is to make sure your hunt is as pleasing and successful as possible no matter what your skills, limitations or misfortune may be.
All of our hunting is conducted on well-managed, private property where we have exclusive hunting rights. By utilizing our system of pre-planned hunts on these ranches, it is unlikely that you will encounter other hunters while in the field. We limit the number of hunters in the field at all times.

"It is our intent to honestly provide the services and assistance that will enable you to fully appreciate a safe, memorable and successful big game hunt.

Mamemo client Buckley Chapel with this giant of a desert mule deer scoring over 220 B&C.

Brown Delozier with 2 of the 3 desert bighorn rams he took while hunting with Sierra Grande. These 2 rams were taken 48 hours apart while hunting in Sonora along the Sea of Cortez with Les Ezell doing the filming!

Foundation for North American Wild Sheep
Grand Slam Club - OVIS
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Safari Club International
Alsaka Professional Hunter's Association, Inc.
Texas Wildlige Association